Industry Partners

EPPB is a member of the Independent Carton Group (ICG). The ICG is an organization that is comprised of 20 large independent folding carton converters that are all leaders in the industry. The membership combines their collective purchasing power to negotiate significant discounts on over 50 product categories, from raw board to inks and coatings. The value of shipments from the membership is approaching $1 billion in sales, making the members share of the total North American folding carton spend close to 25% of the total.

In addition to the buying power of the ICG, another key purpose is production continuity. This benefit exists to provide member-to-member assistance in the event of a catastrophe at any member’s manufacturing plant. This provides peace of mind not only for our members, but also enables our customers to have confidence that they will have a consistent, reliable source for packaging.

Also of benefit are the many Technical Conferences conducted by the group, and other programs like energy efficiency. In 2011 and 2012 member companies that implemented energy-efficient lighting solutions in the manufacturing plants collectively saved over $1.8 million in electricity costs and reduced greenhouse gas emissions by over 18.1 million pounds annually.

Independent Carton Group