Art Guidelines


ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR is our first preference. We can accept files up to Version 17.1.0. When supplying files in Illustrator, be sure to either supply fonts, or outline them. All links must be included or embedded.

PDF FILES are also a recommended format. PDF files need to be print quality. Low resolution files will not be accepted for print.

ADOBE PHOTOSHOP FILES are accepted. They must be high resolution, at least 300dpi. Photoshop is not a layout application, and any type that is set in Photoshop will become rastered.

If you are using InDesign, Quark Xpress, Corel Draw or any Microsoft software, please export these files to PDF format.


CMYK mode should be used for all color work. To ensure there is no variance in color on any of the art, be sure it is in CMYK mode. We will not manually convert your RGB images. Our workflow will automatically convert them to CMYK when ripped.

PANTONE COLORS should be checked that there are not multiples of the same color with different names, or that art or an image meant to be Pantone is not a screen mix.

It is preferred that multi colored jobs do not exceed 7 colors. This does not include the Aqueous coating. For example, CMYK + 3 Pantones + Aqueous.

IMAGES whether CMYK, duotones, greyscale, etc should be 300dpi. It is preferred that images not be saved as JPEGs because of compression.

BLEEDS are required whenever art of color runs to the edge. An 1/8” bleed is preferred.
MARGINS from the edge should be no less that 1/16”, but a 1/8” margin is perferred.

RICH BLACK is required for large areas of black. If printing a CMYK job with or without Pantones, then the preferred mix is C=60 M=40 Y=40 B=100.